Our beautiful Vera is not only the most beautiful girl in the class, but also one of the strongest. Even with brute force, this girl cannot be broken. Not that anyone would want to do violence to Vera, because she is full of healthy substances. Not only does she radiate this, she is also used in many beauty products. Her juice has a cooling effect and she also does well in drinks. Enough reasons to propagate this power woman, we thought!

There are two ways to propagate the Aloe Vera: with or without roots. For both ways you do not have to be a cutting expert, but it is handy if you do not just sit around fooling around.

Aloe Vera cutting with or without roots
Pupils (or shoots) grow on the root and stem of your green amigo. Sounds very cute and in fact it is. The cuttings that grow at the root often come up at the side of the pot. These are root cuttings. At the bottom of the trunk, you will probably see some unrooted cuttings, which are called side shoots (we didn’t make up these names, either).


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