You are enjoying yourself on your roof-terrace. Shirt ajar in your left a beer, but still you feel a bit lonely. That’s right! Your amigos are not here. Fortunately for you, spring has begun so that means: plant fissa! Also outside.

Just play outside
There are many plants that want to move outside with you. In fact, there are even amigos that can stay outside all year round: ‘Plantsome outdoor plants’. Which ones? We got yo back. Here’s everything you need to know about our outdoor assortment!

Plants that are only too happy to go outside with you in summer are plants such as the Kentia palm, Strelitzia, Yucca, Banana plant, Monstera and all cacti and succulents. You can bring the plant party outside as soon as the temperature stays above 15 degrees at night. But beware! Plants in full sun also like an extra sip of water.

a jar tapped?!

A lot of amigos are jumping in their pot to be taken outside, but which pots are suitable for this? The most important thing is that the pot you have outside can drain rainwater. Otherwise, the roots of your plant will drown and that is not good.

Our Stan the terracotta pot knows how to deal with this. This pot has a hole in the bottom so that the water can drain away, but it keeps things tidy by catching the earth with its saucer.

Would you prefer a plant with a pot without a hole? That is also possible, but make sure that you empty the pot often enough. After all, you don’t want too much water to remain in your plant pot.

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