Big happy family
Cuttings for one Pancake plant? No man, we just let Marco poop out a whole family! Taking cuttings from our little Marco is super easy. Really, a child can do it!

What do you need?

Marco that is ready to rumble, that is the case if next to your amigo all baby plants are in the potting soil
A clean, sharp knife or scissors
Depending on whether you put the cutting in water or soil:

A (transparent) glass with tepid water
Small cultivation pot and ornamental pot
(Cuttings) potting soil

It is… a cutting!
If you are not a cutting professional yet, we recommend you take care of the bigger baby plants first. These are easier to get hold of. Dig the victim of your choice out a little, so you can get to the roots. Then gently pull the baby plant so that it loosens a little. Now cut or trim the plant as close to Marco as possible. Tadaaa, the first baby is born!

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